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Preparing A.C.E. Students for University Success

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After A.C.E....What's Next?

This is a common question that keeps parents and students up at night. People often wonder what to do after attaining their A.C.E. certificates, and we are here to provide those answers! 

No More Guess Work

The UPrep program guides students through the tough transition from their learning centers to universities around the world. Instead of figuring things out by trial-and-error, our guidance counselors give you the tools you need to send impressive college applications and win scholarships.

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Transition the Right Way

Students receive consulting and training for standardized exams like the GED, SAT, ACT, and TOEFL. UPrep also helps students develop strong writing and study skills needed for university success. 

UPrep helps you prepare for university the right way. 

FICA Students

FICA Students & Alumni get 20% off!

Annual Fee: $80

A.C.E Community

Homeschoolers, and  other A.C.E.  students are welcome to apply!

Annual Fee: $100

Ready to Get Started?

Fill in your UPrep application to get started on the journey from A.C.E. to higher education. Your application is for us to get to know you better and to see if you have what it takes to become a UPrep scholar. 


Meet the Founders


After completing her Advanced ICCE certificate, she had to figure things out through trial-and-error. She won scholarships worth over $50,000 and studied in Switzerland. 

In Switzerland, she worked as an Academic Mentor who supported freshmen from Norway, Germany, and Italy. She graduated a semester early, with honors and also had four admissions to world-renowned universities for her graduate studies. Her experience is used to show others how to get into university, and graduate successfully.

Pearl M. Kasirye
Author and Co-Founder of UPrep

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After graduating with two Ivy-League degrees from Columbia University in New York, she founded FICA. Her expertise in curriculum design and her own experiences in prestigious universities helps her guide students on developing cutting-edge academic skills.

As the Principal of FICA, she works together with curriculum designers, and professors to develop this UPrep program. She is also an education consultant for the UN, UNFPA, UNESCO and National Curriculum Development Centers in Africa.

Dr. Gillian Kasirye, PhD
Principal and Co-Founder of Uprep

Why You Should Become a UPrep Scholar


Getting into good universities as an A.C.E. student comes with unique challenges. The process is complex and often confusing. As a UPrep scholar, you'll have all the resources you need to make informed decisions about your academic future.


If you choose to study abroad, we train you with the writing, language and study skills you need to succeed in a foreign education system. This includes guidance in standardized exams like the GED, SAT, and others.


We actually want to see you succeed academically. Our hands-on approach will give you the individualized attention you need. The UPrep program is tailored to you!

Do You Want to Book a Call?

Use this link to set an appointment with one of our UPrep Advisors to learn more about this program and to find out more about the application process.

What UPrep Offers

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Test Prep & Advising

The SAT, ACT, TOEFL, and GED are standardized tests that work as tickets to international universities and hefty scholarships. UPrep gives students access to test prep materials, info on testing centers, and detailed information to help them compete internationally.

College Study Skills Prep

UPrep scholars get training in critical reading skills, advanced academic writing, independent study tips, and develop other skills to prepare them for college-level work. This will ensure that they are ready to tackle the academic challenges that the university brings.

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Curriculum Vitae

Career Counseling

UPrep scholars are encouraged to apply for internships prior to attending university. We support our students in the internship search, application process, and interview procedures. With access to internship programs, UPrep scholars have a wide array of options to gain relevant work experience.

College Application Mentoring

We'll hold you by the hand and help you pave the way for your personal and professional goals. This includes supporting you in choosing the right universities for you and suitable academic programs. UPrep scholars also have access to resources about studying abroad, funding, and immigration information.

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Academic Advising

UPrep works closely with high school students from Grade 10 onwards to prepare them for standardized testing, and future college applications. This includes rigorous test prep, essay writing refinement, and academic advising so that students make choices that lead them closer to their goals.

Scholarship & Funding Advising

UPrep scholars have access to a wealth of information regarding scholarships to different universities around the world. Students also learn about the different types of funding options available, how to apply, and how to prepare for them.

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Ready to Get Started?

Fill in your UPrep application to get started on the journey from A.C.E. to higher education. Your application is for us to get to know you better and to see if you have what it takes to become a UPrep scholar. 

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