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Bike Against a Yellow Wall


We believe in developing the whole child. Learning does not stop with academics. 

FICA offers a number of supplementary school programs for character development and for students to discover their talents and artistic potentials.


Student Conventions

Students compete with other A.C.E students on a national, continental and international level. 

Events include music, drama, science exhibitions, art, sports and many more.

Independent Living

Coming soon..

This program gives students the opportunity to live outside of home to develop important financial literacy skills. 

They have freedom (under supervision) to develop an understanding of the responsibilities that come with adulthood. 

Group of Female Friends
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An experience with God

Students leave their comfort zones for a five day retreat that teaches them resilience and important Biblical lessons.

This is a "rite of passage" from children to young adulthood where they are taught tough lessons and make hard choices about their spiritual and character development.

The camp is held in collaboration with New Hope Uganda Musana Camps.

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