We pay attention to each student as individuals. It is important that the true academic potential of each person is taken into account in the admissions process. 

Should you have questions about this admissions process, feel free to contact us.

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Book an appointment

Mondays-Fridays 10:00-17:00

Parents are encouraged to set up appointments via Zoom, Microsoft Teams or in person to learn more about our institution. 

Meet with our school president or principal to learn more about how to become a part of F.I.C.A.

Diagnostic Tests

Monday-Friday 10:00-13:00

The process is uniquely designed to asses your child's individual needs.

This is why a Diagnostic Test is required to enroll at the school.

Parent & Student Orientation

Saturdays 10:00-14:00

Parents are given orientation as well as students.

This school works closely with parents throughout the child's academic journey. This hands-on approach is important to us. 

We train parents on what to expect, and on how their children will be learning. 

We get children acquainted with the unique education system they are about to become a part of.