Before the start of the pandemic, we launched our long awaited program titled Independent Living, created to give our more future-ready students an opportunity to experience life away from their normal home settings. This program is designed to prepare students for life after high school by equipping them with the skills and practical knowledge required for them to succeed. 


On-Campus Living

For a period of 6 weeks, our students enrolled in the Independent Living program our transfered to our Mbarara campus, where they continue their academic work, whilst living on campus. This is to provide our students with not only a change in surroundings, but a sense of independence, as they are away from their parents/families. Our senior staff members assume the role of caretakers during this period, to provide guidance and instruction to an appropriate degree.

Skills and Training

Our students are taught a variety of useful skills that we believe will prove helpful on their independent journeys. We bring trainers to teach the students practical life skills which include, but are not limited to: cooking and preparing various meals, doing laundry (washing and ironing), cleaning and organizing, grocery shopping, and managing of finances. 


Leadership Course

We believe that spiritual training is just as important as physical training. Our students, along with their academic studies and skills training, partake in a Leadership Course. This course, which has been designed by one of our very own parents, focuses on guiding young people in the right attitudes and spiritual disciplines needed to become God-honoring, respectable leaders. Our goal with this course is to bring out the best and most unique individual qualities in our children, and develop these qualities in order to create stand-out, forward thinking leaders of the next generation.