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FICA Students Competed at ISC and Won Many Awards

students holding up a trophy at the ISC
Students holding up their trophy at the ISC award ceremony in the USA

School is not only about academics, it's about a child's holistic development. It's important for students to get an opportunity to learn new skills, develop their talents, and build confidence in their abilities.

Student conventions are an integral part of the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum because it is a time for students to go into the real world and challenge themselves.

They get to foster great friendships, travel around the world, compete internationally, and improve their talents.

This year, some of our students traveled to the USA for the International Student Convention (ISC) and competed against other students from all over the world.

To even qualify to participate in the ISC means that students have already received 1st place, 2nd place, or 3rd place awards in the National Student Convention (NSC) or East African Student Convention (EASC), plus the All Africa Student Convention (AASC) held in South Africa.

Our students have consistently won awards for their poetry, music, art, and group Bible speaking categories. Here is an opportunity to honor the hard work of those students, showcase the great work they did, and congratulate them on their achievements.

They worked together with other top ACE students in the country to represent Uganda on the international stage.

1st Place: Group Bible Speaking

students performing a group bible speaking piece
Students from FICA and other ACE schools performing their GBS piece

FICA students performed a Group Bible Speaking (GBS) piece alongside other top students from other ACE schools in Uganda. GBS is a challenging category to win, but the students' dedication and teamwork made them come in first place and win gold medals.

GBS requires students to memorize long chapters in the Bible, recite them perfectly, while using drama and acting to bring the Scriptures to life.

The students did backflips, fell to the ground, jumped in the air, raised their voices, and gave an incredible performance!

The judges were so impressed that they were given a Command Performance, where they got to perform again but in front of everyone who attended the ISC convention.

1st Place: Instrumental Ensemble

student playing the violin
FICA student playing the violin at the ISC convention

The instrumental ensemble was a combination of three-four worship songs put together as one instrumental piece. The students performed using their violins, acoustic guitars, drums, tambourines, cello, drums, and pianos.

All these instruments were played together to create a remarkable performance that made the students win gold medals.

With the extensive musical training that our students receive through Worship One, they have developed their skills and talents very well.

The gold medals they earned set them apart and was a reminder that their hard work paid off since they are among the best ACE students in the world in playing instruments.

1st Place in Dress Making

a crotchet wedding dress
The back view of a crochet wedding dress made by a FICA student

Jemima Ilona Obua created a wedding dress out of crotchet that showcased her eye for detail and her talent for intricate design.

The dress has a unique ombre effect that combines different shades of blue finishing it off with a burgundy hem.

The judges were very impressed with the complexity of her design and her skill.

Full List of Awards Won By FICA Students

students standing and clapping
Students celebrating the announcement of new awards for their team at the ISC convention

Our students won awards in many different categories and here is a full list of their notable achievements at the ISC convention:

  1. 400 meter race: 1st place

  2. 200 meter dash: 2nd place

  3. Group Bible speaking: 1st place

  4. Instrumental ensemble: 1st place

  5. Large vocal ensemble: 2nd place

  6. Christian worker: 1st place

  7. Golden apple award: 1st place

  8. Crotchet: 1st place

  9. Male quartet: 4th place

  10. Trio instrumental: 1st place

  11. Athletics: 3rd place

And Lastly...

students wearing traditional clothing smiling
Students dressed in traditional Buganda clothing for Cultural Day at the ISC convention

We would like to thank all the parents, mentors, trainers, and staff who supported our students as they prepared for this international competition. The impact that you'll have on their lives will be indelible.

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1 Comment

Congratulations!!!! May the Lord continue using you to equip and

may the children continue to flourish and impact many all the days of their lives.

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