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As a curriculum expert, the Lord has helped me understand the critical role of Christian education in national building.

This institution's goal is twofold: to help them develop Christian character and to offer high quality education for the greatness of the school.

Dr. Gillian Kasirye, School Principal


- PhD: Columbia University, New York, USA

- Co-founder: Master's Institute of Education (MIE)

- Co-founder: Friends Int'l Christian Academy (FICA)

- Graduate professor for teacher education at Makerere University 

- Bachelor's: Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda

- Master's: Teacher's College Columbia, New York, USA


- Co-founder: Friends Int'l Christian Academy (FICA)

- Founder of Male to Manhood ministries

- Minister for the National Fellowship for Pentecostal Churches 

- Senior Pastor of Friends of Christ Assembly

- Author of Male to Manhood

- Author of Foundations of Faith

I've been a pastor for over 35 years, and it is a pleasure to share my stories and lessons with the students enrolled in this school. It is not only about academic development, but about spiritual and moral development as well.

Bishop George Kasirye, 

Director & Pastor

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We have had the honor of educating and watching students grow into responsible adults. Our alumni go on to pursue their goals in academia, the arts, ministry and business. Those who are willing to be featured on our website are featured below.

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"This school system turned me into a life-long learner. I learned to be an independent student, to read critically and to develop a relationship with Christ. This has opened opportunities for me to be continuously successful."

Pearl M. Kasirye; FICA's first graduate - Class of 2016

Franklin University Switzerland 

Career Choice: Business, Media Management & Publishing

Getting into the habit of setting goals with this ACE curriculum made me goal-oriented and has helped me successfully complete high school and prepare for my future career in Law.

Deborah Lwere - Class of 2019

Middlesex University 

Career Choice: Law

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John Maxwell stated, "Pay now and play later. Or play now and pay later."

This quote stood out to me during my education journey and made me form discipline that would help me in my future.

Godwin Kasirye - Class of 2019

Berlin International University of Applied Sciences 

Career Choice: Architecture

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