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Internship Opportunities for FICA Students

Going to school and learning new subjects is an important part of students' development. However, applying those skills that they've learned for real-world projects is what will create better economic opportunities for students in the long-run.

Friends International Christian Academy is launching a new internship program for all its students over the age of 14. Our goal is to give our students tangible skills that will help them make important decisions about their future careers.

Every term, we will select three interns to work in the following industries:

  1. Website & Graphic design

  2. Photography & Videography

  3. Content writing

Each internship program will be for the whole term and new interns will be selected for each new term to ensure that more students are given the opportunity to learn valuable skills for this ever-changing, digitalized world.

How it Works

Students will work closely with our administration and our alum, Pearl Kasirye, who has worked with European corporate firms in Digital Marketing & Public Relations. The interns will work with her on various projects during the term and will receive a certificate at the end of the program to prove that they have successfully completed the internship program.

Additionally, students will receive training in:

  1. Resume writing

  2. Cover letter writing

  3. Interview prep

  4. Self-management

  5. LinkedIn profile optimization

The training they'll receive will give them the tools they need to apply for other positions in the future and have a higher chance of success. Most people learn about interview skills and resume writing when they are adults urgently looking for jobs. But our students will develop these skills early and graduate with the skills they need to find excellent economic opportunities.

How to Apply

The application process is designed to give students a taste of the real world. This means that students will be expected to complete an application form, have an interview, and send a resume. Don't worry, we don't expect perfection, but we want students to try their best and we will help refine their skills afterwards.

Each position has its own requirements that are detailed on our LinkedIn page and below, so please click on one of the following positions to start the application process.

For any questions about the internship programs please contact,

We encourage students to apply as soon as possible.

Applications will close October 20, 2023.





Main Campus: +256-702-744-705
Nissi Campus: +256-702-747-485 ​


Monday - Friday 11:00am - 4:00pm

(Weekends by appointment only)

 Kampala Campus: Kyanja, Kisaasi RdPlot 350 Nakawa District

Mbarara Campus: Kakiika-Mbarara City, Former Eden International School



Thanks for submitting!

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