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Unlike many ACE schools, FICA is a mission school.

We aim to educate and nurture the children of those who serve in the kingdom of God, such as servants, missionaries, pastors, etc.

When needed, students have access to the FICA Scholarship Program that is designed to support academically gifted students.

Donate as little as $50 to support a student to get through school this term. A.C.E. materials are expensive, and low-income families often struggle to afford it.  Your donations go straight to supporting a child through school.

This school is a ministry first, and a business thereafter. We want to provide opportunities of quality Christian education for all students, including those that are not from high-income families.  

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"My husband and I are missionaries that have planted about 32 churches in the unreached villages of Northern Uganda. We have two children at FICA, Hannah and Jamain. To us, FICA is not just a school, but a family. We continue to thank God for their uncompromising Godly standards. In a world full of all kinds of things taught to children as values, FICA is an oasis of life to many children. 

A while back we went through a financial setback that greatly affected our family finances. Our 12-year old daughter could not come to terms with the fact that she could not go to school anymore. She turned to God in prayer and fasting for a miracle. One morning, her answer came through. Dr. Gillian called to inform us that they had decided to offer Hannah a scholarship. I will never forget that morning as she rolled on the floor screaming in tears thanking God for answering her prayers. Hannah believed in miracles and one of her greatest miracles is her scholarship in FICA. 

We continue to thank God for FICA praying that the Lord will continue to provide and lift this school higher. We are eternally grateful for the generosity of the scholarship."

- Kampala, Uganda

If our priorites were simply monetary, we would be a more expensive school. The problem with that system is many children would be left behind. Join us in our ministry of educating the young. 

The FICA Scholarship Program is for students who demonstrate strong academic abilities and have the financial need. 

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"No words could possibly express how excited we were when we were informed that our daughter had been chosen to receive a scholarship. We received the amazing news during a tough season when I had just been diagnosed with a terminal illness and the scholarship news lifted my spirits tremendously! The burden off our shoulders allowed us to focus on the fight for my health and I cannot underestimate the contribution of the peace of mind to my healing journey. This was not just about money but about the emotional kindness and strength the school gave us as a family. 

Our daughter is one of the pioneers at FICA, a straight A student, gifted in so many ways and FICA has brought out the best in her in so many ways over the years. She is highly motivated to work and to make the school proud. 

On the days when the darkness was greater than the light; on the days when it seemed like all hope as lost; we found a ray of light in FICA; loving, caring and thoughtful people. In tough times such as these, their generosity speaks volumes about the true meaning of faith."

- Sophie, mother of 4

"But as for you, be strong and don't give up, for your work will be rewarded."

2 Chronicles 15:7



"Through this scholarship, our child has experienced God as a provider and refuge. Our children got awareness about God and who He is to us. Even though the scholarship was a blessing to our family, what blesses us even more is that Dr. Gillian and Pr. George offered us this opportunity, not from a position of abundance because the school already had financial constraints, but out of sacrifice. Today, our children are getting a good Christian-based education, including extra-curricular activities like sports and music, and they find tremendous inspiration in the teaching of Pr. George during devotions. Reaching out to bless others in need is a theme whose seeds have been planted deep down in our children's hearts."

- Kampala, Uganda