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This section will show you all of our frequently asked questions and answers (FAQs). These relate to our school programs, mission, and other related topics. If any of your questions remain answered, feel free to contact us!


Does FICA Accommodate Online Learning?

Yes, all FICA students have managed to continue their studies uninterrupted by the pandemic and lockdowns. Our curriculum is flexible enough for students to take work home and collaborate with their teachers or peers online. 


What are the ICCE Certificates Equivalent to?

General Certificate: equivalent to Cambridge O'Level

Intermediate Certificate: a bridge certificate between O and A'Level

Advanced Certificate: equivalent to Cambridge A'Level


Is the UPrep Program Open to Any Applicants?

The UPrep program is open to only A.C.E students based in Uganda, because that's the demographic that this program was designed for. As long as your child is doing an ICCE certificate, then they are eligible to apply. We want to train students from their O'Level till they graduate.

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