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The Accelerated Christian Education curriculum is a unique program that emphasizes Biblical principles along with strong academic skills. 

This curriculum is used worldwide and is recognized in universities around the world. 

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Mastery-based Learning

Students progress to new grades only when they have mastered concepts. It is not automatic that they go to a new grade every year, because students learn at their own pace.

Independent Learning

Students learn to teach themselves without needing instructions from teachers. They sit in personalized desks, known as "offices" to emphasize their independent learning and they use PACE's that teach them all they need to know.

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Biblical Worldview

Students are not just taught how to learn, but how to live. They are exposed to Biblical principles on a daily basis and are trained to look at the world through a Biblical lens.


Students set daily goals for themselves and learn the value of achieving goals.

Biblical knowledge

Students memorize scriptures, study the Bible and develop a deep understanding of God's Word.


Students are able to learn independently, and to honestly complete their work without constant supervision.


Students are able to master important concepts without pressure of being compared to others. They learn at their own pace.